10 Magic Moments

                      38,400 Moments in Everyday!

       That might seem like a lot, until you add them up. Our moments are based on our breath, one of our most intimate experiences. When we engage in calm breathing, (nothing special, just a regular calm breath) we have 40 breaths in a minute. That is 40 exquisite opportunities to be conscious and aware of the miracle of our life every minute. There are 60 minutes in an hour so that’s 40 x 60 = 2,400. That’s 2,400 chances per hour to have a magic moment!

      What do we do with those moments?  If we are living a balanced life, we set aside 8 hours for sleep (or maybe 7 hours sleep and one hour of TV). So that’s 24 hours in a day minus 8 hours of down time. That still leaves 16 waking conscious hours full of magic moments in each day. When we do the math, 2,400 awesome moments in an hour times 16 conscious hours, and we get 16 x 2,400 = 38,400. That’s right, an astounding 38,400 chances in everyday to be aware of what a spectacular gift this life is.

       Meditation trains us to have control of our brain so that we can become aware of our own magic moments. The point isn’t to remove ourselves from life, to tune in for 20 minutes and then return right back to forgetfulness. The point of meditation is to train ourselves so that we can be aware of all 38,400 magic moments every day. Meditation is a tool—not a goal.

      Here at Au Coeur Mind-Body Center we use many tools to help people find their own awesome magic moments. Wherever you are right now, stop for a moment. Don’t worry; you will have time. I’m only asking for 10 moments. That still leaves you with 38,390.

      So set aside just 10 moments, close your eyes and breathe deeply, with your diaphragm, for ten repetitions. Stomach out, stomach in 1, stomach out, stomach in 2, stomach out, stomach in 3 and 4 and 5….6….7….8….9…. and stomach out, and stomach in 10. There, in ten magic moments you have just meditated. You have just changed your body’s physiology for the better. Deep breathing slows your heart rate and alters neurotransmitters in your brain improving the function of serotonin and other biochemistry.

      Ten magic moment breaths are always available to help us get back in our groove.

      If you feel too upset to meditate on a given day, don’t feel bad. Life happens. Days fly by. It’s easy to feel like we don’t have time. But don’t worry.  We have 38,400 opportunities every day to change it up and pull back to center.

I love that about moment by moment living. Things can be really upsetting for a given time, but we always can reset. We can stop and take a moment, preferably take 10 deep breathing moments. Now, what threw us off center is in the past. We have taken our 10-moment reset and we still have what remains of our 38,400 daily moments—to create something awesome and beautiful. In this moment right now and the next and the next after that…