Au Coeur Center Back-on-Track Program: 3 Months to a New You!

Every year on New Year’s Day, Douglas and I review our goals from the past year and set new ones. It’s always fun to see what we were able accomplish. And, I admit, a little discouraging to see those goals that were beyond our reach. But, New Year’s Day is also a time of possibilities. The New Year is yet unwritten. Anything is possible! I love that feeling of renewed hope. And, I understand how challenging real change can be.

Because of the way our brain system is wired, every positive change includes built-in obstacles. Through repetition, old habits have worn neural grooves in our mind-body that are the easiest paths to follow. Even if we know our old habits aren’t helpful and we’re committed to change, there’s a natural pull towards the comfort of the familiar. To successfully create a new habit, you must first create a new neural pathway - a process that studies have shown takes about 70 days.

But, creating a new neural pathway is a challenging process. Adopting any new behavior requires reliable information about what choices to make as well as a period of trial and error. Old habits resist change. Limiting beliefs get in the way. Unmet needs require attention.

Few of us intentionally self-sabotage. Rather, the challenge of the change process just becomes overwhelming- and the old, familiar neural pathways reassert control.

But, as we say at Au Coeur Mind-Body Center - You Have the Power to Choose! And, we know how to get you through. Our new Back-on-Track Program is designed to guide you through those critical 70 days. The next 3-month sessions start the week of January 21st. For more information, see our website or call us at 508.221.4222.