Are You Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired?

Are You Ready to Commit to True & Lasting Change?

Then, Au Coeur Center’s

Core Transformation Healing Program 

is the Perfect Choice for You!

During your five 2-hour Core Transformation sessions, Douglas and Sheryll work as a team offering you comprehensive approach custom-designed to meet your unique needs. Sessions include deep healing modalities, guided emotional processing, mind-body-spirit coaching, and wellness prescriptions.  A willingness to do “the work” is necessary (homework required!).

Total Package Cost for the Five 2-hour Core Transformation Sessions - $600

In-Person at Au Coeur Center or Remote via Zoom

“Even though I’ve focused on personal growth for 25 years, I didn’t realize I was still being driven by unconscious thoughts and beliefs that were severely limiting me. Sheryll and Douglas’ gentle yet powerful approaches have helped me begin to release what was constricting me and to effectively move forward in my life.”


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