Daily Meditation Classes

Our daily meditation classes are 20 minutes long and are designed to be "drop in"

Space is limited so preregistration is recommended, but not required. Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to your chosen class start time, as the doors will close when the class begins. Meditation Classes are offered upstairs, which is unfortunately not handicapped accessible. Provided seating includes floor cushions and chairs.

all of our meditation techniques are designed to promote maximum mind-body integration,

curated from reliable wisdom traditions, corroborated by contemporary science. 

Our daily meditation class vary in techniques & theme.


Whole Mind-Body Meditation


With the understanding that we're not all perceptually wired in the same way, we bring a "Whole Mind-Body" approach to all of our meditations - including opportunities to focus on your internal feelings/sensations, thoughts/words, and visual impressions/images. During Whole Mind-Body Meditation, emphasis is placed on helping you to discover the type of internal focus (or combination of focuses) that works best for you. As with all of our meditations, sensitivity is placed on maintaining the balance between guided verbal direction and silence. 

Guided Visualization Meditation


After a progressive Mind-Body Relaxation, you will be guided to safely explore and draw from internal spaces of rejuvenation and wisdom.  Although this meditation is structured to be teacher led, sensitivity is placed on maintaining the balance between guided verbal direction and private silence. 

Letting Go Meditation


Offered in the early evening, our Letting Go Meditation is designed to support you in letting go of "all that no longer serves you" - from that day, season of year, or season of life.  Emphasis is placed on Mind-Body Relaxation to encourage gentle, safe release - with time allotted for replenishment. 

Spiritual Meditation


Drawing on the strength of respected Wisdom Traditions, our Spiritual Meditation places an emphasis on the power of verbal affirmation in the service of our personal well-being and unfoldment, as well as the betterment of all.  Participants in this meditation will have opportunities to speak guided affirmations and sit in private silence. 


new to meditation?

If you want to start meditating but aren't sure how to begin, our "Getting Started" Meditation Class is designed for you!  This one-hour class is offered twice a week - check our Calendar.