At Au Coeur Center, Douglas and Sheryll share the many hard-won lessons they've learned about how to achieve Mind-Body Integration.

In addition to their life experience, Douglas & Sheryll bring extensive professional training and work experience:


Douglas, a true Rennaisance Man, has worn many professional hats - all devoted to making the world a more beautiful, harmonious, and happy place to be. In addition to private collections, Douglas’ fine art sculptures can be found on the grounds of the Nantucket Light Basket Museum, the campus of the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, and adorning the Banyan Springs Art Center in Boynton Beach, Florida.

In addition, Douglas helps others to achieve inner harmony and well-being. He’s Brain Health Coach, certified in the Amen Method, a Harvard Medical School CHEF Coach, and a trained polarity energy practitioner. A lifelong scholar, Douglas is currently a graduate student in Marriage & Family Therapy at Antioch University.

Early in his journey to mind-body integration, douglas studied for a number of years with a gifted spiritual couple, Reverends Gladys and Kenneth Custance, who taught him to become still, to recognize the wisdom of his intuition, and to know the difference between his intuition and his imagination.  

Douglas is the author of "I Love You Today Because: The 7 keys To Epic Romance" and co-author of "Au Coeur: Why Beauty Matters Now."

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Sheryll has devoted her career to helping others develop skills for their professional and personal success and well-being.  For nearly three decades, she has demonstrated that commitment as an Adjunct Professor of Communication at Cape Cod Community College and, more recently, as a Subject Matter Expert for noted academic publishers including Sage Publishing and Cengage Learning.  In addition, Sheryll extends her skills training expertise into the community, offering local and regional businesses and nonprofit organizations programs custom-designed to their unique needs.

Sheryll has also held a number of management positions.  From 2016 to 2018, she served as the Adult Education Coordinator for Nantucket Community Schools, responsible for a range of needs, including workforce training and professional development.

In addition, Sheryll has an extensive background in holistic studies. A certifed hypnotherapist and Feng Shui consultant, she is the co-author of “50 Ways to Create a Harmonious Home” and co-author of “Au Coeur: Why Beauty Matters Now.”