Our “Start with the Heart” Program offers

You a Comprehensive Approach to Restoring Your Well-Being

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When Your Mind-Body System is in Sync & Working More Efficiently

You Experience Greater Emotional Well-Being & Increased Mental Clarity

Stress negatively impacts your heart - giving rise to debilitating emotion, anxiety, and lack of mental clarity.

Heart Coherence, accompanied by life-enhancing emotions like appreciation, is a balanced, energized alternative state that enhances mental clarity & focus.

During Heart Coherence Training, we teach you to shift from stress to coherence - at will. Using Heart Rate Variability, tracking to witness your unique heart waves, you learn simple, reliable mind-body techniques to counteract stress and remote well-being.

In Only 4-Sessions, Heart Coherence Training Will Empowes You to Meet

Your Life’s Challenges with Renewed Hope, Strength & Confidence!

Cost for the 4-session training is $300. also available, heart coherence coaching & healing consultations.