Au Coeur Mind-Body Program - The Five Keys


Key #1 - Brain Health          

Why start with brain health? Because your brain is involved in everything you do, including how you think, how you feel, how you act and how you get along with other people.  At Au Coeur Center, we specialize in The Amen Clinics Method, scientifically proven to help you rebuild your "brain reserve" - your mind-body's most precious resource for solving your most persistent problems -  including chronic stress, unwanted weight, ADHD, and poor performance. 

Key #2 - Mindfulness

Are you ready for change, but worried about beginning a process that will drag on and on?  Rapid Reset was designed with you in mind!  With a defined beginning and end, this comfortably structured four-week program will give you the boost you need to create the change you desire.  

Key #3 - Mindfulness in action

Au Coeur Center offers easily accessible meditation sessions several times a day.  New to meditation?  Our Getting Started Meditation Class is your perfect choice!  Other Mind-Body Classes include Unwind Your Stress, Quick Connect Weight Loss, and More....