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quick connect weight loss          

Anyone who's ever been on a "diet" knows dieting alone is not enough. No matter which diet plan you choose, you're challenged to stick with it and stay healthy. Our Quick Connect Weight Loss Program is designed to support you in removing obstacles to reaching your goals - as you learn to receive the mind-body nourishment you need to thrive! 

Mind-body modalities  - a' la carte

Au Coeur Center offers an array of Mind-Body Modalities that can be accessed as part of your Mind-Body Coaching Services or by scheduling individual appointments.  Browse the array of Mind-Body Modalities and choose those that speak to you!

relationship coaching

Do you want to live a long, happy life - and share that life with someone you love?  Creating and maintaining a healthy relationship requires a deep toolkit of mind-body awareness and skills.  Douglas & Sheryll work with individuals and couples to create sustainable relationship success - so you and your beloved can thrive, together!