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Individual Wellness Training offers you a comprehensive, custom-designed program to increase your health, happiness, and successful performance - based on the results of your Wellness Set Point™ Assessment. Drawing on our 5 Areas of Wellness, you learn how to Uplift Your Everyday Life!  Your Individual Wellness Training begins with our Au Coeur Introduction to Meditation Class, held at the beautiful Au Coeur Mind-Body Center. 

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Deep Healing Consultations offer you a safe, effective process to Heal the Past - guiding you to identify and process thoughts and feelings that no longer serve your well-being & helping you to replace those thoughts and feelings with life-enhancing choices. During your 90 minute Deep Healing Consultation, Douglas & Sheryll work as a team and offer: Facilitated Reflection, Polarity Energy Healing, Guided Visualization & Hypnotherapy, and Cognitive Integration.

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Workforce Wellness Training offers employers an evidence-based approach to uplifting employee health, happiness, and successful performance. Our skills-focused curriculum draws on Sheryll’s experience as an Adjunct Professor of Communication and Subject Matter Expert for leading academic publishers. Participants in our Workforce Wellness Training receive up-to-date, life-saving information in thought-provoking and entertaining ways.

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“Mind-Body Refresh”

Like a massage for your mind, our Mind-Body Refresh offers you a healing oasis - time devoted exclusively to you apart from your everyday life - to coax away stress and infuse well-being. Douglas and Sheryll work as a team during your 90 minute session, drawing on modalities from their 5 Areas of Wellness, including Polarity Energy Healing, guided visualization, and hypnotherapy.

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Au Coeur Mind-Body Center Meditation Studio

Au Coeur Mind-Body Center Meditation Studio

"Spa Day For Your Mind"

Imagine receiving all that you need to make the change you desire - in a beautiful, peaceful setting complete with healthy snacks. 

During our "Spa Day for Your Mind" consult, we devote 4 hours exclusively to your healing journey, drawing on all 5 Keys to create an experience custom designed for you.