Hypnotherapy - “Unlocking the Power of Your Mind”

At Au Coeur Mind-Body Center we often say, “There’s more to you than you know!” When you connect with the untapped power of your mind, you become exponentially more effective in your ability to create the lasting change you desire.

Want to break old habits, feel less anxious, eliminate self-defeating behaviors, or overcome obstacles to achieving positive goals? No matter what change you wish for, hypnotherapy is an amazingly fast and efficient modality for getting you there.

Using safe, reliable, evidence-based light trance techniques, Sheryll Reichwein, a certified hypnotherapist for more than twenty-five years, will guide you to discover your inner wisdom and the resources you need to thrive.

1.5-hr private sessions - $135 50% off first consultation.

“I am deeply grateful to have found Au Coeur Center. I’d been struggling with symptoms that have been “stuck” for almost a year and a half, and I tried every healing modality I know, with no real success.

Feeling frustrated and hopeless, I reached out to them, not knowing if their healing tools could help. Amazingly, they have. Theirs is the first healing work that has created lasting change in my body and mind.”