Workforce Wellness Training - 

Level 1: Building Blocks of Wellness

“Think Your Best Thoughts, Share Your Best Messages”

A One-Day Training Event

Our thoughts are the foundation of who we are and everything we do. Contemporary neuroscience has revealed that every moment of our experience is mapped as a neurological event - a thought - in our total brain system. And, these thoughts live not only in the upper cognitive centers of our head, they also live in neuroplexus that reside in our heart and gut. ‘

To think our best thoughts, we need to understand, manage, nurture, and grow our brain system. To share our best messages, we need to be able to identify and interpret our thoughts and effectively communicate them to others.

Participants in this “Think Your Best Thoughts, Share Your Best Messages” - One-Day Training Event will:

  • Understand the nature of their brain system, including the perceptions and thoughts of their head, heart, and gut.

  • Identify the three types of thought - visual, auditory, and kinesthetic - and understand how their preferences influence how they think and communicate.

  • Learn how to become more aware of and how to soothe their thoughts through a variety of meditation techniques, including Focused Meditation, Guided Visualization, and Mind-Body Relaxation.

  • Learn how to effectively deal with problem thoughts such as ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts), limiting beliefs, and past trauma.

  • Learn how their thoughts are directly affected by their brain system habits, including what they eat and drink.

  • Understand their emotions as “kinesthetic” thoughts and learn to interpret the messages those thoughts are sending for greater empowerment.

  • Discover the newly identified category of aesthetic emotion and how these types of thought can contribute to thinking their best thoughts.

  • Learn how to share “Whole Mind Messages” - a powerful tool for translating their best thoughts into their best messages.

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