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Happiness Class - Relationship Focus

Happiness Class - Relationship Focus

Imagine a deep contentment that comes from being who you are in the world without fear and receiving what you truly need without struggle.  That’s true Happiness.  That’s genuine Wellness.  Happiness & Wellness - the two go hand in hand.  

Our Relationship Focused Happiness Class is designed to help you have more satisfying relationship with others, reduce the stress of relationship conflict, prepare yourself for your new relationship, break old, unhappy relationship patterns, connect deeply with someone else without losing yourself.

Our happiness is built upon the foundation of our moment-by-moment choices. Most of us weren’t taught how to build a happy house.  Fortunately, it’s never too late to learn.  That’s what Happiness Class is all about.

Every Happiness Class is filled with helpful information, fun applications, and useful skill-building.  Each class is unique and designed to stand alone.  Attend once or attend weekly.   $16 per one-hour class.

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