Polarity Energy Healing

“Come Home to Yourself”

Polarity Therapy is a highly effective healing modality that uses gentle hands on touch to restore balance to your mind-body-spirit system - using the same meridian energy map used by acupuncturists.

During your Polarity Energy Healing session, you’ll experience light touch (clothes on) and, if you wish to enhance your energy balancing with emotional processing, you’ll be supported with verbal communication and reflective listening.

Douglas Reichwein custom-designs each healing session to meet your unique needs, combining his intuitive healing abilities and decades of experience with his formal Polarity Energy Healing training and certification from the Polarity Realization Institute.

“I walked into Au Coeur with a crippling headache, lasting for 4 days in a row, I walked out with no pain at all, feeling restored and ready to take on another day.”