Building Stress Resiliency to Meet 21st Century Challenges


If You’re One of the 77% of Americans Suffering from Stress, We can Help.

The good news is there are ways to overcome the debilitating effects of stress. The not-so-good news is today's stress is unlike anything we've ever seen before.  21st century stressors, such as the unintended consequences of 24/7 digital devices, were not even imagined a generation ago.  To meet the challenge, our 5-Key Mind-Body Program reinvents traditional stress management, drawing on breakthrough scientific research, proven stress reduction methods, and innovative new techniques. 

We offer you three simple ways to get started:


Classes offer you a fun way to learn how the 5 Keys of our Mind-Body Program can help you uplift your everyday life.  Class topics include Unwind Your Stress, Quick Connect Weight Loss, Introduction to Brain Health and more.  Also offering "Design Your Own Workshop" every second Saturday, with up to five classes of your choice. All classes held at the beautiful Au Coeur Mind-Body Center. 

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Consults offer you an introduction to our comprehensive 5-Key Mind-Body Program, through a targeted focus on your most persistent problem. All Consults require an initial 75 minutes assessment appointment, resulting in personalized Consult recommendations.  From there, create the appointment schedule that works best for you . 

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Coaching offers you ongoing support, based on your custom-designed 5-Key Mind-Body Program. Receive the guidance and reinforcement you need to meet your unique goals.  To begin, schedule an initial 2-hour assessment appointment which will result in your personalized Coaching Plan.  Choose the pace, duration, and schedule that works best for you. To learn more about Coaching, click here. 

Au Coeur Mind-Body Center Meditation Studio

Au Coeur Mind-Body Center Meditation Studio

"Spa Day For Your Mind"

Imagine receiving all that you need to make the change you desire - in a beautiful, peaceful setting complete with healthy snacks. 

During our "Spa Day for Your Mind" consult, we devote 4 hours exclusively to your healing journey, drawing on all 5 Keys to create an experience custom designed for you.