I walked into Au Coeur with a crippling headache, lasting for 4 days in a row, I walked out with no pain at all, feeling restored and ready to take on another day.

Douglas and Sheryll work together in a seamless way, helping their clients find the answers they seek within themselves. The consultation starts with a short meditation, then a refreshing conversation about anything you feel the need to share with them, then a healing session with Douglas followed by a session with Sheryll where she brings you to a state of deep relaxation where old memories resurface and old wounds can be healed.

I am very grateful for what they have done for me, so far. I have not had another headache since I started seeing them weekly (I usually have at least one a week), and I was able to finally make a very important work related decision after 6 months of belaboring it without finding a resolution. I could not really explain what they do, but it works! I have been recommending them to all my friends and I am considering taking my teenage daughter to see them as well.
— Serena - Mashpee, MA
I’ve always had a difficult time meditating, even though I believe it’s a practice that can be so helpful in fostering personal well being. After a Mindfulness session with Sheryll and Douglas, I now realize that gentleness and patience, kindness too, are essential components of this practice. We experimented with four different approaches: breathing awareness, using a mantra, experiencing a guided visualization and a body-based meditation.

All four were helpful tools (two in particular resonated for me) that I can now use on my own. Most importantly, the session was so positive and lovely that I’m actually looking foward to meditating! When I left, I felt peaceful and centered, aware of the goodness that I so often overlook.

I would highly recommend any one of the components in the Au Coeur Mind-Body Program. The best starting place to change the world is our very own heart. Au Coeur is aptly named.
— Diane- Cotuit, MA
I wanted to thank you for the incredible experience of a “Spa-Day for Your Mind” I recently had at your Center. The day included an initial overview, a guided meditation and debriefing, some snacks and discussion, a brain health assessment, energy work, and some spiritual reflection. It was a full day! It was fun, challenging work and I left tired but feeling full and hopeful about the future.

Since attending my Spa-Day for the mind, I am happy to report that I have had several fundamental breakthroughs. Most importantly, I have stopped feeling regret - a huge issue for me almost all my life. Not having this looming feeling of regret has removed a huge source of stress from my life.

Also, interestingly, I have begun exercising more regularly and sleeping more soundly. I know that I have things I need to work on, but I feel generally at peace with myself. That is huge, and I wish to express my profound gratitude for providing the space for this to happen.

The work you are doing is unique and undeniably valuable. I have been involved in holistic wellness all my life, and have always believed in the mind-body-spirit connection, but you fully embody this connection in a whole new way. I think you are doing ground breaking work!

Douglas and Sheryll, you are two of the kindest and most generous people that I have ever met, thank you for everything. It was truly a “spa-day for the mind” – but also for the body and the spirit!

— Lisa - Raynham, MA
I am deeply grateful to have found Sheryll and Douglas. I’d been struggling with symptoms that have been “stuck” for almost a year and a half, and I tried every healing modality I know, with no real success. Feeling frustrated and hopeless, I reached out to them, not knowing if their healing tools could help. Amazingly, they have. Theirs is the first healing work that has created lasting change in my body and mind.

Even though I’ve focused on personal growth for 25 years, I didn’t realize I was still being driven by unconscious thoughts and beliefs that were severely limiting me. Sheryll and Douglas’ gentle yet powerful approaches have helped me begin to release what was constricting me and to effectively move forward in my life.

I feel so deeply supported by them as I move through a period in my life that now feels exciting instead of just scary. I love all of the knowledge Sheryll and Douglas have and are sharing in the realm of brain health. I’m finding it so interesting and immensely useful. I plan to continue working with them for a while, and I can’t wait until my next visit!
— Jenny - Chatham, MA
Dear Sheryll & Douglas,

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your wisdom in the area of relationships.
I truly enjoyed your class and regularly refer to my notes
- and try to put the ideas into practice.

Again, thank you so much for all you offer!
— June - Nantucket, Ma