Unwind Your Stress

this ongoing class meets Tuesday nights from 7:30 to 8:30 pm.

Drop ins are welcome, pre-registration is suggested.

Fee $20. see our calendar for dates.  


Stress-packed 21st century living pushes your mind-body to the limits of your ability to automatically manage homeostasis - putting you at greater risk for what are known as "Diseases of Adaptation" which include high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other common stress-related ailments.  To support you in counteracting the negative effects of this stress, our Unwind Your Stress Classes are designed to help you make conscious choices to maintain your health and well-being.  Class topics include:

  • Understanding The Anatomy of Stress

  • Break-through Neuroscientific Insights

  • Identifying Common Stress Triggers

  • Proven Mind-Body Techniques

  • Managing Difficult Emotions

  • Diet & Stress

  • Redefining "Balance"

  • And much more...

Are you looking for a more personalized focus to relieve the stress in your everyday life?  Consider our individual Stress Management Consult Services. To book your initial assessment appointment, click here.

Are you part of a group - at work, as a volunteer, or friends & family - who can benefit from a fun and informative Stress Management Skills Class? We’re able to host group custom-designed classes in our beautiful Meditation Studio or to bring our class to you. Contact us to create a plan that will meet your needs.