What We Offer


Classes at Au Coeur Center          

We offer a variety of weekly classes, including gentle Yoga and meditation. The Center is also Home of Happiness Class - filled with helpful information, fun applications, and useful skill-building focusing on 3 essential life areas:

  • Resilience & Performance

  • Wellness - Fitness & Nutrition

  • Relationship with Self & Others

Corporate training

Happiness Class at Work brings a skill-building focus to the challenge of training employees to develop greater resilience - necessary for overcoming obstacles and enhancing performance.

Sheryll, an Adjunct Professor of Communication and Subject Matter Expert for leading academic publishers, & Douglas, a Brain Health Coach and affiliate member of the American College for Lifestyle Medicine, co-lead an interactive training program custom-designed to meet your employees unique needs - and get results.

Wellness Coaching consultations

During Wellness Coaching Consultations, Douglas and Sheryll work as team to help you achieve the soul satisfying happiness you desire! Using a variety of Mind-Body modalities including Reiki-Polarity Energy Healing & Guided Emotional Processing, they help you to:

  • break deeply entrenched habits from the past

  • uncover the source of hidden obstacles to your success

  • free your mind-body from outdated neural mapping

  • develop a more harmonious relationship with yourself