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Welcome to Au Coeur Mind-Body Center,

We’re Douglas & Sheryll Reichwein, founders and directors of Au Coeur Mind-Body Center and partners in every sense of the word - in work, life, and love.

One of the first questions we’re asked is “How do you pronounce Au Coeur?” Au Coeur is a French phrase that sounds a lot like “Oh Core”and mean “At the Heart.”

We’re grateful to live in a time when science can finally prove that the perceptions of our heart are essential to our well-being. Indeed, neuroimaging now confirms that our head, heart, and gut are engaged in an ongoing, intricate dialogue. One of the keys to true happiness is knowing how to listen.

Our work is devoted to helping you to listen, to deepen your relationship with yourself. We draw on wisdom traditions and traditional training, intuitive understanding and scientific research, proven tools and practical applications.

Thanks to everything we’ve learned, we’re blessed to “Come Home to Ourselves” everyday - happy in ourselves and in our relationship with each other. We believe everyone has the capacity for true happiness. It’s our greatest joy to guide you on your journey “home.”

Best Wishes, Douglas & Sheryll


Douglas and Sheryll, you are two of the kindest and most generous people that I have ever met, thank you for everything.  The work you are doing is unique and undeniably valuable.

“I have been involved in holistic wellness all my life, and have always believed in the mind-body-spirit connection, but you fully embody this connection in a whole new way. I think you are doing ground breaking work!” 

Lisa - Raynham, MA

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Happiness Class

Imagine a kind of happiness that’s not just a fleeting moment.  Imagine a deep contentment that comes from being who you are in the world without fear and receiving what you truly need without struggle.  That’s true Happiness.  That’s genuine Wellness.  Happiness & Wellness - the two go hand in hand.

Our happiness is built upon the foundation of our moment-by-moment choices. Most of us weren’t taught how to build a happy house.  Fortunately, it’s never too late to learn.  That’s what Happiness Class is all about.

Every Happiness Class is filled with helpful information, fun applications, and useful skill-building.  Each class is unique and designed to stand alone.  Attend once or attend weekly.   $16 per one-hour class.


The Au Coeur Happiness Program

 If You Want To: We Suggest:

  • experience more happiness in your daily life Happiness Coaching

  • finally reach your wellness goals (including diet & exercise) WHAT: one-hour custom-designed private sessions, includes tools & training

  • overcome the obstacles to performing at your best WHERE: Au Coeur Center, Deer Crossing, Mashpee, MA or remotely via Zoom

  • have a supportive relationship with yourself WHEN: at your convenience based on availability

  • have a satisfying relationship with others HOW MUCH: $90 per one-hour session; 50% off initial consultation.

 If You Want To: We Suggest:

  • break deeply entrenched habits from the past “Removing Obstacles to Happiness” Healing

  • uncover the source of hidden obstacles to your success WHAT: 1.5-hour private sessions

  • free your mind-body from outdated neural mapping WHERE: Au Coeur Center, Deer Crossing, Mashpee, MA

  • learn how to harness your Full Power Thinking for self-healing WHEN: at your convenience based on availability

  • develop a more harmonious relationship with yourself HOW MUCH: $125 per 1.5-hour session; 50% off initial consultation.

21st Century Wellness - Lifestyle Medicine

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In June 2012, the American Medical Association adopted a resolution that called for all physicians to offer evidence-based lifestyle medicine interventions as the first and primary mode of preventing and, when appropriate, treating chronic disease within clinical medicine.

At Au Coeur Mind-Body Center, we’re excited to be part of this emerging field. In all of our work, we draw on evidence-based contemporary science and complementary mind-body modalities to create new, accessible, and effective wellness practices in the areas of Brain System Management, Exercise & Fitness, Diet & Nourishment, Sleep & Renewal, and Relationship with Self & Others.

As part of our commitment to serving the needs of our clients, we engage in ongoing continuing education in the emerging science of wellness. Douglas is an Affiliate Member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, a Certified Amen Method Brain Health Coach, and a Certified Harvard Medical School C.H.E.F. (Culinary Health Education Fundamentals) Coach.


The Au Coeur Wellness Program


If You’re Ready To: We Suggest:

  • be self-motivated to make changes for a fresh start “Total Wellness”- Au Coeur Center’s Flagship Coaching Program

  • commit to lasting change WHAT: 12 weeks of coursework & coaching

  • give yourself the gift of sustainable success WHERE: Au Coeur Center & remote via Zoom

  • learn how to harness your Full Power Thinking for self-healing WHEN: evergreen online coursework & coaching at your convenience

  • be the confident, happy, healthy you that you desire to be HOW MUCH: $1,295 for the full Total Wellness Program


Introduction to Meditation

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The first step to any effective Wellness Program is to learn how to reduce internal stress and listen to your Mind-Body. We offer Introduction to Meditation as Private Class - to give you the tools you need to get started in the way that works best for you!

In this one-hour class you'll learn about your brain system, different types of thought, and the process of meditation. You learn four simple meditation techniques, to discover which type you can easily incorporate into your everyday life.


Supporting Your Brain Health

“You’re Not Stuck with the Brain You Have!”

Dr. Daniel Amen

We recommend Dr. Amen’s brain-healthy supplements, which incorporate the latest scientific findings in a wide array of specialized formulas that support brain function, energy, memory and learning, mood, stress reduction and sleep.

With brain-directed supplements, you can ensure that your brain will get the nutrients it needs to help you feel & perform your best.

Click on the image below to learn more about & order the supplement that’s right for you.



Let’s Talk About Relationships…

An Excerpt from Douglas Reichwein’sI Love You Today Because”

Relationship is complex. It is a skill and it has to be learned. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t have it perfectly yet. If you set your intention to improve, you can. At any age you can become more aware, more conscious of collecting data about the people around you. You can be more aware of collecting data about the number one person around you.

You can become more aware of collecting data about the person that is the you inside you. You can be more skillful in communicating what is inside you with the number one person around you. There’s a soul part to it, which is really about knowing yourself. And there’s a skill part of it, which is really about listening, processing, and expressing back a communication that is what you really mean.

According to Robert Waldinger, Director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development, in terms of life success one thing surpasses all the rest:

"The clearest message we get from this 75-year study is this:

Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period."


Praise for “I Love You Today Because”

So nice! More of a philosophical vs psychological writing approach … allowing you to better “actualize” yourself. Super helpful!  ~ S.L, Fairfield, CT

I love it! It’s reaffirmed what I know deep down — and needed to be reminded of — the goddess is within! The book gave me the confidence I feel inside … reconnecting me to who I am. It’s heartwarming. I know what to do; I’m on the right track and I can move forward with confidence. I gotta find the goddess! Very encouraging …  helping me to “recenter.” ~ L. W., Darien, CT

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The Au Coeur Relationships Program

 If You Want To: We Suggest:

  • have more satisfying relationship with others “Au Coeur Relationships” Coaching

  • reduce the stress of relationship conflict WHAT: one-hour custom-designed private sessions, includes tools & training

  • prepare yourself for your new relationship WHERE: Au Coeur Center, Deer Crossing, Mashpee, MA or remotely via Zoom

  • break old, unhappy relationship patterns WHEN: at your convenience based on availability

  • connect deeply with someone else without losing yourself HOW MUCH: $90 per one-hour session

 If You Want To: We Suggest:

  • heal wounds from past relationships “Au Coeur Relationships” Healing

  • uncover the source of hidden obstacles to relationship success WHAT: A package of four 1.5-hour private sessions

  • free your mind-body from relationship stress triggers WHERE: Au Coeur Center, Deer Crossing, Mashpee, MA

  • learn how to harness your Full Power Thinking for self-healing WHEN: at your convenience based on availability

  • develop a more harmonious relationship with yourself and others HOW MUCH: $395 per package of four 1.5-hour sessions

Start Growing the Relationship You Desire!


I Love You Today Because:

The 7 Keys to Epic Romance

by Douglas Reichwein

$19.95 plus shipping

Nurture & Renew: Gentle Yoga and Au Coeur Meditation

5:30 PM to 6:45 PM - Tuesday Evenings - $16

please note: No Class on March 19th

At the end of your busy day, you deserve time just for you!  Join us for Nurture & Renew, featuring Gentle Yoga with Caleigh Carroll, certified Kind Yoga instructor and Au Coeur Meditation, with Douglas & Sheryll Reichwein, co-directors of Au Coeur Mind-Body Center.  

Bring your mat; leave your worries at the door.

Caleigh offers a gentle Hatha as well as Restorative yoga practice. Her goal through teaching is for everyone to have their own unique experience and hopefully discover a connection between their mind, body and spirit.  

Caleigh enjoys working with all ages and abilities. She believes that yoga is for everyone and should be a calming enjoyable experience for all.



Note of the Week

New & Notable at Au Coeur Center

We’re grateful to have just received this heart-felt testimonial:

“I walked into Au Coeur with a crippling headache, lasting for 4 days in a row, I walked out with no pain at all, feeling restored and ready to take on another day.

Douglas and Sheryll work together in a seamless way, helping their clients find the answers they seek within themselves. The consultation starts with a short meditation, then a refreshing conversation about anything you feel the need to share with them, then a healing session with Douglas followed by a session with Sheryll where she brings you to a state of deep relaxation where old memories resurface and old wounds can be healed.

I am very grateful for what they have done for me, so far. I have not had another headache since I started seeing them weekly (I usually have at least one a week), and I was able to finally make a very important work related decision after 6 months of belaboring it without finding a resolution. I could not really explain what they do, but it works! I have been recommending them to all my friends and I am considering taking my teenage daughter to see them as well.



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