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 Your Mind-Body System Holds the Keys to

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Back-on-Track: 3 Months to a New You!

$49.95 a month. Next session begins the week of January 21st

Do you start every New Year’s Eve with the best of intentions- to improve your mind-body health and achieve your personal goal-only to hit the wall of self-sabotage by Valentine’s Day?

Because of the way our human brain system is wired, every positive change includes built-in obstacles. Our Back-on-Track Program teaches you Full Power Thinking- Using Proven Mind-Body Technology to Build Self-Support and Unleash the New You!

Our Back-on-Track Program includes:

  • 3 months of One-Hour Classes at Au Coeur Center

    • your choice of Tuesdays at 6 pm or Saturdays at 10 am

  • 2 one-hour Personal Consults

  • Your Back-on-Track Journal

  • Weekly Q & A Sessions with Douglas & Sheryll – at Au Coeur Center or via Zoom Webinar – Friday afternoons from 4 to 6 pm.

  • A Mind-Body Scan Meditation CD


Workforce Wellness Training

Harvard University researchers report that for every $1 you spend on Workforce Wellness You Save $2.73 through increased performance and reduced absenteeism. 

Presented at your workplace or in the classrooms at Au Coeur Center, Workforce Wellness Training offers you and your employees dynamic, interactive, custom-designed learning experiences featuring up-to-date research and evidence-based tools.

Lead trainers, Sheryll & Douglas Reichwein, are co-founders & directors of Au Coeur Mind-Body Center. Sheryll is an Adjunct Professor of Communication at Cape Cod Community College and Subject Matter Expert for leading academic publishers. Douglas is a Brain Health Coach and affiliate member of the American College for Lifestyle Medicine. 

Time to Get Healthy Now!


Topics Include:

  • 21st Century Stress Management

  • Full Power Thinking for Increased Health & Performance

  • Optimizing Brain Health: Hardware & Software

  • Diet vs. Nourishment: How to Get What You Really Need

  • Effective Communication with Ease

  • Thinking Types & Team Building


Lifestyle Medicine: Wellness Specialists

In June 2012, the American Medical Association adopted a resolution that called for all physicians to offer evidence-based lifestyle medicine interventions as the first and primary mode of preventing and, when appropriate, treating chronic disease within clinical medicine. According to the AMA Journal of Ethics, lifestyle medicine is generally considered to have four major components: nutrition, physical activity, stress reduction and rest, and social support systems.

At Au Coeur Mind-Body Center, Sheryll & Douglas Reichwein draw on evidence-based contemporary science and complementary mind-body modalities to create new, accessible, and effective wellness practices in the areas of Brain System Management, Exercise & Fitness, Diet & Nourishment, Sleep & Renewal, and Relationship with Self & Others.

For more information about our Wellness Training Program, for Individuals and for the Workforce, can help you achieve your Wellness Goals, contact us.

We’re Wellness Trainers.

Why do you need what we offer?

Because your health, happiness, and successful performance is supported, or limited, by the sum total of your wellness factors—what we call your Wellness Set Point™.

When we train you to increase your Wellness Set Point™, you gain greater self-awareness, inner-strength and resiliency, and empowered decision-making to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

Science shows your Wellness Set Point™ begins within. Your inner landscape is vast and unchartered—and entirely unique unto you. We help you develop safe, reliable, and extraordinarily effective skills to map your inner landscape, access your inner resources, expand your self-expression, improve your relationships, and—when necessary—dive into the deep work of healing and self-transformation.


There’s More to You Than You Know!

What We Do…

Wellness Training

Deep Healing

Workforce Wellness

Individual Wellness Training offers you a comprehensive, custom-designed program to increase your health, happiness, and successful performance - based on the results of your Wellness Set Point™ Assessment. Drawing on our 5 Areas of Wellness, you learn how to Uplift Your Everyday Life!  Your Individual Wellness Training begins with our Au Coeur Introduction to Meditation Class, held at the beautiful Au Coeur Mind-Body Center. 

See our class schedule & get started, click here:

Deep Healing Consultations offer you a safe, effective process to Heal the Past - guiding you to identify and process thoughts and feelings that no longer serve your well-being & helping you to replace those thoughts and feelings with life-enhancing choices. During your 90 minute Deep Healing Consultation, Douglas & Sheryll work as a team and offer: Facilitated Reflection, Polarity Energy Healing, Guided Visualization & Hypnotherapy, and Cognitive Integration.

To learn more about Deep Healing, click here:

Workforce Wellness Training offers employers an evidence-based approach to uplifting employee health, happiness, and successful performance. Our skills-focused curriculum draws on Sheryll’s experience as an Adjunct Professor of Communication and Subject Matter Expert for leading academic publishers. Participants in our Workforce Wellness Training receive up-to-date, life-saving information in thought-provoking and entertaining ways.

To learn more about Workforce Wellness, click here. 


“Mind-Body Refresh”

Like a massage for your mind, our Mind-Body Refresh offers you a healing oasis - time devoted exclusively to you apart from your everyday life - to coax away stress and infuse well-being. Douglas and Sheryll work as a team during your 90 minute session, drawing on modalities from their 5 Areas of Wellness, including Polarity Energy Healing, guided visualization, and hypnotherapy.

Regular Price: $125. 50% Off Special Offer: $62.50

Gift Certificates Available


Au Coeur Mind-Body Center Meditation Studio

Au Coeur Mind-Body Center Meditation Studio

"Spa Day For Your Mind"

Imagine receiving all that you need to make the change you desire - in a beautiful, peaceful setting complete with healthy snacks. 

During our "Spa Day for Your Mind" consult, we devote 4 hours exclusively to your healing journey, drawing on all 5 Keys to create an experience custom designed for you. 


Note of the Week

New & Notable at Au Coeur Center

We’re grateful to have just received this heart-felt testimonial:

“I walked into Au Coeur with a crippling headache, lasting for 4 days in a row, I walked out with no pain at all, feeling restored and ready to take on another day.

Douglas and Sheryll work together in a seamless way, helping their clients find the answers they seek within themselves. The consultation starts with a short meditation, then a refreshing conversation about anything you feel the need to share with them, then a healing session with Douglas followed by a session with Sheryll where she brings you to a state of deep relaxation where old memories resurface and old wounds can be healed.

I am very grateful for what they have done for me, so far. I have not had another headache since I started seeing them weekly (I usually have at least one a week), and I was able to finally make a very important work related decision after 6 months of belaboring it without finding a resolution. I could not really explain what they do, but it works! I have been recommending them to all my friends and I am considering taking my teenage daughter to see them as well.


“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to pray in and play in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul”

John Muir

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TGIF - Mind-Body Style

Had a tough week? Need a break before you start the weekend?

Stop by Friday Afternoons, complimentary drop in

3:30 to 5:30 PM

Want to talk? We’re here.

Want some quiet time ?

Our Meditation Studio is waiting for you.

Au Coeur Mind-Body Center

located at deer crossing Plaza, Upper Level

Mashpee, Cape Cod




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