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Teaching from The Outside In & Healing from The Inside Out


Welcome to Au Coeur Mind-Body Center,

We’re often asked, “What’s a Mind-Body Center?”

It’s a good question - a question that requires more than an elevator pitch or a tagline to answer:

“A Mind-Body Center is a place devoted to helping you achieve the kind of soul satisfying happiness that’s at the heart of true wellness.”

Then the inevitable next question - “But, isn’t happiness something that just happens, naturally?”

And, our not-so-simple answer - “Yes, but No.”

Yes, happiness does flow naturally when our Mind-Body system works together as a whole. But No…because for more than 400 years our culture has held the faulty belief that our mind and our body operate separately. As a result, we were taught lots of stuff that doesn’t work - with devastating consequences - to our health, well-being, performance, relationships - to just about everything essential to happiness.

Fortunately, we know how your Mind-Body system really works. We know how to help you create the soul satisfying happiness you desire. That’s the reason why we’re here. We look forward to working with you soon!

Best Wishes, Douglas & Sheryll


Douglas and Sheryll work together in a seamless way,

helping their clients find the answers they seek within themselves.” 

“Sheryll and Douglas’ gentle yet powerful approaches

have helped me to effectively move forward in my life.” 



Transforming Your Life, Fulfilling Your Desires

Imagine a kind of happiness that’s not just a fleeting moment.  

Imagine a deep contentment that comes from receiving what you truly need without struggle. 

That’s true Happiness.  That’s genuine Wellness.

 Happiness & Wellness - the two go hand in hand.

Our happiness is built upon the foundation of our moment-by-moment choices.

Most of us weren’t taught the core skills necessary to achieve sustainable, soul satisfying happiness. 

Fortunately, it’s never too late to learn.  That’s what Happiness Class is all about.

We offer Happiness Class with six different areas of focus - each filled with helpful information, fun applications, and useful skill-building.

Choose the focus that best fits your needs & goals. Attend once or attend weekly.   $16 per one-hour class.


What We Offer


Classes at Au Coeur Center          

We offer a variety of weekly classes, including gentle Yoga and meditation. The Center is also Home of Happiness Class - filled with helpful information, fun applications, and useful skill-building focusing on 3 essential life areas:

  • Resilience & Performance

  • Wellness - Fitness & Nutrition

  • Relationship with Self & Others

Corporate training

Happiness Class at Work brings a skill-building focus to the challenge of training employees to develop greater resilience - necessary for overcoming obstacles and enhancing performance.

Sheryll, an Adjunct Professor of Communication and Subject Matter Expert for leading academic publishers, & Douglas, a Brain Health Coach and affiliate member of the American College for Lifestyle Medicine, co-lead an interactive training program custom-designed to meet your employees unique needs - and get results.

Wellness Coaching consultations

During Wellness Coaching Consultations, Douglas and Sheryll work as team to help you achieve the soul satisfying happiness you desire! Using a variety of Mind-Body modalities including Reiki-Polarity Energy Healing & Guided Emotional Processing, they help you to:

  • break deeply entrenched habits from the past

  • uncover the source of hidden obstacles to your success

  • free your mind-body from outdated neural mapping

  • develop a more harmonious relationship with yourself

“The best starting place to change the world is our very own heart. Au Coeur is aptly named”



“When I left, I felt peaceful and centered, aware of the goodness that I so often overlook.”



Just Stop By & Enjoy Our Meditation Space!

Fridays from Noon to 6 PM

Celebrate the end of the week with time out for you - to reset & renew.

New to Meditation? We will guide you on an inner journey of your choice - Serenity Meditation or Body Scan or Chakra Meditation.

Complimentary. Fridays through the Summer.

For more information, contact us.

Nurture & Renew: Gentle Yoga and Au Coeur Meditation

5:30 PM to 6:45 PM - Wednesday Evenings (beginning May 8) - $16

please note: No Class on Tuesday, April 30th

At the end of your busy day, you deserve time just for you!  Join us for Nurture & Renew, featuring Gentle Yoga with Caleigh Carroll, certified Kind Yoga instructor and Au Coeur Meditation, with Douglas & Sheryll Reichwein, co-directors of Au Coeur Mind-Body Center.  

Bring your mat; leave your worries at the door.

Caleigh offers a gentle Hatha as well as Restorative yoga practice. Her goal through teaching is for everyone to have their own unique experience and hopefully discover a connection between their mind, body and spirit.  

Caleigh enjoys working with all ages and abilities. She believes that yoga is for everyone and should be a calming enjoyable experience for all.


 There’s Always Something New Happening at Au Coeur Center!



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