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Douglas & Sheryll Reichwein Welcome You to:


Serving Your Well-Being with Evidence-Based Tools

Douglas & Sheryll

Douglas & Sheryll

Welcome to Au Coeur Mind-Body Center,

We’re often asked, “What’s a Mind-Body Center?”

It’s a good question - a question that requires more than an elevator pitch or a tagline to answer:

“A Mind-Body Center is a place devoted to helping you achieve the kind of soul satisfying happiness that’s at the heart of true wellness.”

Then the inevitable next question - “But, isn’t happiness something that just happens, naturally?”

And, our not-so-simple answer - “Yes, but No.”

Yes, happiness does flow naturally when our Mind-Body system works together as a whole. But No…because for more than 400 years our culture has held the faulty belief that our mind and our body operate separately. As a result, we were taught lots of stuff that doesn’t work - with devastating consequences - to our health, well-being, performance, relationships - to just about everything essential to happiness.

Fortunately, we know how your Mind-Body system really works. We know how to help you create the soul satisfying happiness you desire. That’s the reason why we’re here. We look forward to working with you soon!

Best Wishes, Douglas & Sheryll

Our “Start with the Heart” Program offers

You a Comprehensive Approach to Restoring Your Well-Being

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When Your Mind-Body System is in Sync & Working More Efficiently

You Experience Greater Emotional Well-Being & Increased Mental Clarity

Stress negatively impacts your heart - giving rise to debilitating emotion, anxiety, and lack of mental clarity.

Heart Coherence, accompanied by life-enhancing emotions like appreciation, is a balanced, energized alternative state that enhances mental clarity & focus.

During Heart Coherence Training, we teach you to shift from stress to coherence - at will. Using Heart Rate Variability, tracking to witness your unique heart waves, you learn simple, reliable mind-body techniques to counteract stress and remote well-being.

In Only 4-Sessions, Heart Coherence Training Will Empowes You to Meet

Your Life’s Challenges with Renewed Hope, Strength & Confidence!

Cost for the 4-session training is $300. also available, heart coherence coaching & healing consultations.


Douglas and Sheryll work together in a seamless way,

helping their clients find the answers they seek within themselves.” 

“Sheryll and Douglas’ gentle yet powerful approaches

have helped me to effectively move forward in my life.” 




“The best starting place to change the world is our very own heart. Au Coeur is aptly named”



“When I left, I felt peaceful and centered, aware of the goodness that I so often overlook.”